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Address: 28 Marcus Ct, London E15 3JU

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Image of Su
18 Feb 2021
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THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. They take your money, without any signature or confirmation of the treatment and invoice. I never signed for any treatment, the man who came to inspect, insisted on payment and would not leave my apartment until payment was received, I felt extremely uncomfortable and the treatment that he did in my room for bed bugs was not resolved, and he did it in 5 minutes and would not leave my apartment until he was given Ā£108, even though I did not sign any invoice or confirmation of treatment. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY.

Image of Pedro Soares
23 Apr 2020
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A job very well done, very professional and explained to the process to be done with all details.

Image of Chris APL
08 Apr 2020
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Was a very professional service. Everything was done promptly. Gave me great advice on how to prevent my pest problem happening again. Helped give me peace of mind. Looking forward to see how the treatment goes.

Image of jerome sebah
02 Apr 2020
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Great aftercare service ! Reliable and friendly !

Image of Farheen Khan
12 Mar 2020
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I literally just requested for a quote in the night and they called me the very next day. They came out the same day and did a thorough inspection of my house and talked through every step and explained what type of treatment they are going

Image of A Brown
11 Mar 2020
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Huntsman pest control, i want to thank for you for your great service that you provided to me.I really appreciate all that was done, i had a need and they worked with me to

Image of Morleys Leytonstone
07 Mar 2020
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They do very good work.I faced so much trouble from Rats

Image of Vasilica Puha
20 Feb 2020
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Thank you so much, iā€™m very very happy with this company, we recomand to all the people, this guys doing very good job....

01 Feb 2020
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Very effective in dealing with the issue. I had mice in my flat these guys just nailed it..its been over month now and i havent seen a single mouse in sight!!..very pleased with their service better than other companies iv had in the past. Highly reccomend this company!!..šŸ‘šŸ‘

Image of B Okubs
23 Jan 2020
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Fast response and good communication between company and myself. Provided good advice on how to keep house from being infested.

Image of Liviu Popa
13 Jan 2020
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They are very good in that respect!They came in time and the price it is lowest in the market!

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